Remove Problem Branches Before They Fall

Consider tree trimming & pruning services in Springfield, MO

Trees don't always grow intelligently. If your tree has branches that are overlapping or growing out of control, Canopy Tree Service can fix it. Choose us for tree trimming services in the Springfield, MO area and get rid of dangerous branches before they damage your tree or your property.

We can target specific branches that are broken, diseased or dead and remove them before they fall. Once the branch is removed, we'll haul it away so you don't end up with a mess. Contact us at 417-210-5325 to get started.

The benefits of trimming and pruning

The benefits of trimming and pruning

You don't have to sweat in the sun with a pair of hedge clippers to keep your plants trimmed. You can rely on our shrub and tree trimming company for all the help you need. We can...

Use tree trimming to thin your tree and make sure it receives as much sunlight as possible
Cut overgrown branches to help your tree grow evenly
Provide shrub and tree pruning services to keep your plants attractive

Arrange for shrub and tree pruning services by calling us today.